Global Azure Bootcamp 2018 – Hyderabad

It’s always a pleasure to share knowledge with the community. Successfully presented Cloud Design Patterns at Global Azure Bootcamp 2018 @ Microsoft IDC Hyderabad, India.

Global Azure Bootcamp is always a huge event all around the world user groups and communities who want to learn about Azure and Cloud Computing.

The event was a huge success with 8 speakers covering 8 different topics covering Azure Bot Service, DevOps using VSTS, Cloud Design Patterns, Deep Learning and Azure Encryption with over 300+ Azure enthusiast attendees.

Event details:

Pic from the Event:

Special thanks to Shravan Kumar Kasagoni and all Microsoft User Group Hyderabad Organisers for the opportunity.

Thanks to Global Azure Bootcamp Global Team and all the attendees who attended.

Keep Rocking on Cloud ☁

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